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Ability Fest 2009

Economic and Social Initiatives

Photo: Ability Fest Photos.

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Through our teams of specialist business development and economic development professionals Economic and Social Initiatives work in partnership with other agencies to design and implement projects and programmes that:

  • Create employment opportunities by encouraging inward investments
  • Helping Glasgow companies to grow by improving the skills levels of the resident workforce
  • Supporting individuals wishing to work or to play a fuller role in society by reducing barriers that inhibit their participation
  • Tackling financial exclusion and poverty and
  • Promoting equal access to employment

For these and other projects and programmes to be successful account must be taken of the wider global economy to be aware of global threats and opportunities facing the city so that we can impact on the City's economic capacity to deliver real quality of life improvements. www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/YourCouncil/ServiceDepartments